Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Last week, the kids and I went to Chuck E. Cheese with some church friends. We had a wild and crazy time! We used more tokens than we've ever used before. It was great!

I think this was the first time that Sophie got to be the master of her own cup of tokens. The place was nearly desolate (except for the 7 kids in our group), so we just let the older ones take off and do their thing. Sophie chose some pretty interesting games/activities.

Cora and Lily--I love that they're holding hands on this "roller coaster" ride.
Owen had a great time riding rides and playing games.

He particularly liked this duck one, where you push the button to knock over the ducks. As long as the ducks were moving, he figured he was playing. Even if it was really some other kid knocking the ducks over.

Anything to do with steering was also enthusiastically received. And balls. He tried really hard to play basketball and skee-ball.

McKenna & Lily (in front), Ella, Sophie & Cora...they were watching Chuck E. perform 80's hits.
Later on, Owen became obsessed with dancing in front of the blue screen. I have no idea why. He didn't know that he was showing up on the TV screen, and he had no particular affinity for the 80's songs they were playing. But he did know that this was how he wanted to spend his time. He ran away from me when I got near to him and threw major fits about being dragged away from here in order to check in on Sophie.

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Wendy said...

How about some video of Owen shakin' his bootie?