Friday, March 27, 2009

First Bike Ride of Spring

We had some lovely, warm, spring-like weather for about 2 seconds last weekend, so we got the bike trailer out and went for a ride! Quick! Before it's winter again!

I can't stand how cute this is! And no, we don't love Sophie more. We STILL need to get Owen a helmet. It's on next month's Target list.
We ended up stopping at a nearby Catholic church/school playground. I hope they don't mind that we're protestants.
The rubber boots made climbing a little difficult, but Owen managed.
I think my family is the cutest. Partly due to the following three pictures. Also because the kids are not biting, hitting, screaming at each other today (so far).

We had a lot of fun enjoying the out-of-doors. But now it's winter again. When I woke up today it was 18 degrees out. Blech.


Cassie said...

You pretty much have a stinking precious family. I'm not even going to bother having children after seeing those pictures.

Florida Family of Four said...

Definately the cutest family. EVER.


Gordon Magee said...

you can thank me for those beautiful kids, cause I made you and your beautiful! I feel so good about myself! They are good pictures.
Love Mom

Karin said...

I don't think the Catholic church will mind. It's a great updated playground that my kids love when visiting Grandma and Grandpa. And as far as being mom grew up in that church, went to the catholic school. She now goes to First Free. I have lots of fun memories from growing up with that church's land.

Suzanne said...

adorable would be the appropriate word! Just hold on to those memories of spring this week!