Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visiting the Grandparents: Part 2

Right after the kids got home from Black Grandma & Grandpa's, we re-packed and headed off to visit Yellow Grandma & Grandpa. We stayed for most of the week, even getting to watch Grandma do a radiation treatment. Sophie will tell you that the machine was giving Grandma medicine, but without a poke. We were on the go every day.

We spent one morning playing at the library.

Owen helped Grandpa get the grill ready for pork tenderloins.

We got sucked into American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. The kids loved "The Singing Show" and "The Dancing Show." Me too (secretly!).
We had treats. Owen didn't really enjoy his ice cream cone after this initial lick. I took care of it from there.
Sophie didn't share hers.

We visited a fun toy store in town.

The bride veil and window clings are courtesy of the dollar store, which we also visited. Grandma gave the kids each a few dollars to spend on anything they wanted. Sophie chose the veil, a huge sparkly ring and something else I can't remember. Owen came home with a new ball (which we forgot at Grandma's!) and a pirate sword + eye patch. We had a lot of fun, and there were still things we didn't get to. We decided to save a nearby children's museum for another visit. Maybe next time...


Cassie said...

Mom's gotten soft as a Grandma. I distinctly remember not being allowed to get cones for ice cream. Looks like a good trip though, even if I am jealous of the cones.

Gordon Magee said...

We did have fun, it was good to see a recap of the week. Great pics. I have no memory of not allowing cones when Cassie was at home. Maybe it was a money thing!
Made me laugh.
Love Mom