Monday, March 9, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We acquired tickets to some free college baseball and thought it would be a great way to introduce the kids to watching a dome game without throwing our own money out the window if it didn't go so well. Mission accomplished! The kids had great fun, and so did we. It helped that the whole row next to us was empty--the kids ran up and down it several times.

This little fellow is Owen. Another Owen. Greg and his dad (another Greg...confusing, huh?) work together. They also play a little pong (ping-pong) together. Our Greg has had the pleasure of meeting this Owen a few times while playing pong at his house. These grown-up men even have nicknames for each other. Our Greg is the Ninja (pronounced "Neenja") and the other Greg is Sprinkles (he likes sprinkle donuts, so I'm told).
One day, Owen's aunt was visiting and somehow or other the discussion turned to ninjas. The aunt asked, "Owen, do you know what a ninja is?" To which he quickly replied, "Yes! He plays ping pong with my dad!"

We got a malt for a treat. By malt, I mean hard-packed ice cream in a 6-inch tall cup accompanied by a 3-inch tall stick to dig it out and eat it with. Seriously??!! Who thought that was a good idea?


Wendy said...

MMMM... old fashioned Malt Cup. Yummy!!! We used to buy those at the Fairway Foods store in comfrey. It used to be where the restaurant/bar sits now. Nise and I would go through the alley across the street from Grandma E's house and go in the back way. Fond memories.

Florida Family of Four said...

I remember going to Fairway! Wow, I haven't thought about that place in a long time.

Such cute pictures-- I'm excited to tell people my brother grew up and became a ninja!!