Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Institute of Art

Our family went to an art museum downtown last weekend. I've been wanting to take the kids for some time now, but I wanted our first trip to be with reinforcements (ie. Daddy) just in case it didn't go so well. It actually went very well! And it was free (always is!). Unprompted, Sophie even said, "Can we go there again sometime?"

Even Owen did well. He did not run or touch things--my two biggest concerns.
(He was really only touching the protective glass here)

We saw a lot of statues...
...and paintings of "princesses."

But Sophie's favorite thing was this sarcophagus. We had to visit it 3 times. A sarcophagus, you say? Why on earth was that her favorite??! It was the sarcophagus of Ching Cheng, a Chinese prince. Still not sure? Sophie kept saying, "I want to see the coffin where the prince is buried." In this picture, she was trying to see inside the "coffin," but alas, there was no longer any prince inside it.

The museum also had a family center where the kids could relax a little and play with baskets of fun toys. Our kids loved these very cute wooden animals.

And I liked finally getting to sit down...even if it was on a tiny bench.


Cassie said...

I love the Institute of Art! Looks like you had a fun AND educational time.

Michelle said...

Wow! I was just going to say what cultured parents then I read the next one about chuck e cheese! I hate that place!