Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Colossal Deer Store

On our way home from Grandma's party last weekend, we stopped off at the Colossal Deer Store to stretch our legs for a bit. The kids loved looking at all the (stuffed) animals--it was almost as good as being at the zoo! Almost. We had major discussions with Sophie over the issues of "real, but stuffed," and "dead, but real." It was a vicious cycle in her mind.
Yes, that is a fluffy, pink tutu at the Deer Store.

The kids really enjoyed playing in the tents/blinds/fish houses. They also liked these cots. Owen wanted to be on Sophie's, of course.

It was all very cute...

...and snuggly...
...for a few moments...
...and then, inevitably..."Mom, GET...HIM...OFF!"
We have reached the stage in Owen's life where he insists on doing everything himself. Including stairs. ALL of the stairs. He would shake his head no if I tried to hold his hand... ...and he threw and all-out fit when I tried to pick him up and carry him. Sophie and Greg carried on without us.

Checking out the cool, live fish
Checking out the cool, stuffed, real, but dead animals...until Daddy crouched down, and then Owen made a bee-line for him.
The Colossal Deer Store...good, free fun for the whole family.


Wendy said...

You're lucky to have a "tightwad" husband. Give a man some venison and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to hunt venison and he'll spend all the grocery money on doe scent and buck calls.

Except in our house I'm the one who has to be held back at the Colossal Deer Store. =)

Gordon Magee said...

I laughed right out loud when I scrolled down to the picture of Sophie in her pink tutu in the deer store, how cute! All the pictures were great!
Love Mom