Monday, October 1, 2007

extreme makeover

I have been wanting a makeover lately (my makeup, my hair, my whole body...). Sophie must have sensed it, as she has taken it upon herself to fix me up. Last night she donned the safety goggles from her tool box and whipped out her measuring tape to take my measurements. Then she used her drill to "blow dry" my hair, along with her flashlight (evidently for those difficult to manage areas!). She then politely told me to "Put your head back" while pushing my head down with her hands and then aggressively gave me a ponytail. And, evidently I didn't do a good enough job on myself this morning because she was back at it again today!

Today we ran to Target to do an errand and while we were there we stopped to play in the toy aisle for a few minutes (an excellent, free diversion!). Sophie came across some microphones on an end cap of a main aisle of the store and immediately knew what they were and what to do with them. She started singing a bunch of gibberish into one, and then handed me a microphone and demanded, "Sing!" So there we were, standing in a big aisle of Target, singing "The Wheels on the Bus" into our microphones. Sophie kept calling out requests when we'd finish one song, while I kept asking if she'd like to go see the babies instead. While she was busy singing, I'd lower my microphone to my waist as I continued singing, but pretty soon she'd notice and chastise me and remind me to put it by my mouth. We got several grins and giggles from people as they passed by us. I should have laid a hat at our feet to collect the money she'll need to audition for American Idol in 18 years!!

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Brad and Janelle said...

So funny! I think you might have a karaoke champion on your hands!