Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Friends

Sophie had her little friend Lydia over to play today. Lydia's family lives near by, and we are so thankful that they do! The moms, dads and kids all enjoy each other's company, which can sometimes be rare to find. We've lost two other special friends/families like that to moves down south recently, so we're hoping Lydia won't be going anywhere any time soon!

The girls had a fruit snack tea party today. They made me pretzels in the kitchen, and they were good at helping each other clean up the toys. They were not so good at sharing them, necessarily, but that's the age they're at. Owen was very cooperative and slept in his swing most of the morning, which meant that I had my hands free (and toddler distracted!) enough to do some prep-work for supper tonight. Yesterday was a difficult day, so we got canned tomato soup for supper. Tonight we're having homemade Pasta Fagioli! I'm guessing Greg will want Sophie to have little friends over to play more often!

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Cassie said...

Lydia got glasses! How cute! Probably not fun though.