Sunday, October 28, 2007

Over the river and through the woods...

Sophie went for her first overnight trip to Grandma & Grandpa E's house (along with Great Grandma) without mommy and daddy this weekend while we were preparing for and hosting our annual Halloween party. We weren't sure she would leave with them, but we mentioned "Donald's" and getting to trick-or-treat, and then we couldn't get her in the van fast enough! She gave us hugs and kisses, and said, "I love you," while waving goodbye and blowing us kisses. We had been worried that she wouldn't leave without us, but she could have cared less that we weren't coming along. What a big girl! We've missed her, but we've sure gotten a lot done! So far, we've heard that trick-or-treating was a big hit. Sophie loved seeing all the other kids in costumes and pointing out what they were dressed up as. She also busted a move to the music a local DJ was playing. Afterward, she even went on the big potty at Aunt Mary's house. Big stuff!

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