Saturday, October 20, 2007


Sophie has been interested in talking on the phone lately...the cell phone. She talked to grandparents on both sides yesterday. The big news of the day was that she got a "poke" (a flu shot) at the doctor's and that she got to pick a Doodlebops sticker. She wants to hold the phone herself, walks around while she talks, and refuses to give it to Mommy for her turn. Aunt Janelle is the big winner, though, with the longest and most in-depth conversations with Sophie on the phone.

Today, while Greg is away setting up his deer stand, we needed something to do, so we headed to the mall to hang out. We did a little shopping and then we read books at the big bookstore. We probably did that for almost an hour! It's so great that Sophie loves to read! And Owen was his usual cooperative self.

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