Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween happenings

We have been preparing for Halloween around our house. We've been quizzing Sophie on what to say when she knocks on doors (Trick or Treat!) and what she'll get for doing so (CANDY!). I planned a big fun family pumpkin-carving, thinking this would be the first year Sophie would appreciate it. It turned into a big fun pumpkin-carving for Greg. He was sick and couldn't hold Owen, but Owen needed to be fed, so I did that while Greg worked on the pumpkin. Sophie refused to touch it, so Greg did all the work while we watched. Then I roasted and seasoned the pumpkin seeds because I've been wanting to for a few years, and none of us has taken the time to eat any! We have found time to try on Owen's costume, though. Isn't he the cutest tiger??


Brad and Janelle said...

I love the picture of Sophie's elbows resting on daddy's legs while he does all the work... that's just the way it should be! I also like the one of Sophie pulling Owen's tail.. she's such a great big sister. Poor little Owen, he's got a long road of little-brotherhood ahead of him!

Cassie said...

It looks like Owen is roaring. So ferocious....or maybe a tired tiger.

Rainiedavis said...

The tiny tiger is most adorable. He wins the prize for the cutest costume for me! Love, Aunt Rainie