Sunday, October 7, 2007

More Zoo

Thank goodness for Cassie and Gerrit! It took all four of us to take care of two small children! Thankfully, Owen ate during the dolphin show and lunch, which meant we didn't have to split up so as not to waste time. One of us always needed to chase Sophie around, hold her up, push her in the stroller, or push the stroller along when she chose to walk. She loved seeing the animals and would say, "See more animals," as soon as we'd get to the next one. She loved the farm animals because we could actually touch some of them--again, we were amazed at how bravely she went right up to the animals to touch them. She wasn't so brave about the sharks, though. She was a little concerned that there might be some in every dark cage we saw, so we had to reassure her a few times as she reassured herself too, saying, "Don't be scared." It was a great day!

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justaneverydaygirl said...

so fun to see all the pictures! My favorite part of your story was Sophie telling herself not to be scared. It makes me happy to see all your smiling faces!!

Love ya,