Monday, March 24, 2008


We celebrated Easter at Great Grandma C's house this year. Sophie got to dye eggs for the first time, which she thought was great. I forgot to bring appropriate attire for such an activity, so she wore Great Grandma's apron (and not much else) to get the job done. We made eggs for everybody...Owen, Grandpa, Jared, Chuck Norris. Yeah. Chuck Norris. That was Greg's request.

Owen got a new toy from Grandma & Grandpa--a Johnny Jump-Up. Sophie had loved hers as a baby, and Owen likes to bounce, so we thought he'd love one too. He's not loving it just yet, but we're hoping that with more practice, it'll be our new favorite toy.

Tracy taught Owen how to give a high-five. Good job, Owen! I mean, Tracy!

Uncle Bill is working hard to make sure that at least one of our children likes him.

Sophie was so excited that the Easter Bunny was going to visit Grandma's house and leave eggs for her to find. She ran all over the house collecting the eggs he'd left out for her.

We tried to talk with Sophie about the true meaning of Easter in preparation for celebrating (so she knows the reason we celebrate is not for the baskets and bunnies!). She and I were reading the story in her Bible one day and she asked about what the soldiers were doing to Jesus. I explained that they were being mean to Him and that He died. But, I explained, He came alive again. He's in heaven. Because He died and came alive and is in heaven, we can be in heaven with Him someday too. Sophie was serious for a moment and then asked," In how many sleeps?" I told her that I hoped it would be a lot of sleeps until then. Very seriously, she said, "Ohhh....I like princesses and ponies. And my favorite color is pink." Theology lesson over!

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Bren said...

Love her response! Great pictures!