Monday, March 24, 2008

Life before kids

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of reading People magazine. (I know, that's kind of lame, but it's something brainless that I enjoy doing once in a while. Don't judge me.) Two different articles about two new celebrity moms stood out in the pages of gossip and ritzy clothes. Both moms, in the very first weeks of motherhood, referred to it as a "magical time." (Is her epidural still turned on???) One even said she can't remember what life was like before having her baby. That sounded like a bunch of "hooey" to me! I have been a mother now for a few years (twice even!), and I STILL remember what it was like before having a baby.

I Remember when...

-my pants were 2 sizes smaller
-I wore clean shirts (no drool on the shoulders)
-I ate what I wanted when I wanted to, and it was hot when I ate it and I didn't have to share
-I slept until I chose to get up
-I shared my bed with only one other person (Greg!)
-my shoes were size 8 (now they're 8 1/2)
-running an errand took only 20 minutes
-I went to the bathroom alone, and with the door closed
-I didn't care if the phone rang in the middle of the afternoon (nap time!)
-I could watch a whole rented movie in one sitting and without falling asleep
-our other bedroom was an office
-I carried only a purse, a small purse
-eating out did not mean at a place with slides and tubes

It took me a while to find the "magic" in motherhood. I felt badly about that at first because every other mother around me seemed to think it was the best thing ever. I mourned the loss of independence, intelligent adult conversations (about things unrelated to babies/breastfeeding/poop, etc.), and a sense of purpose. I don't feel badly about that anymore. That's just the way it was for me. Being a mom is hard. Especially in the beginning. But, in time, it did become "magical." And though some days I still mourn the things I remember, I wouldn't trade this magical time for anything.

A Few Magical moments...
-Sophie saying, "Thank you for the juice, Mom," unprompted
-Owen wiggling and reaching out for me when anyone else is holding him
-Sophie needing me to kiss an owie, even though Daddy already did it
-Owen smiling up at me from his bed when I go to get him up in the morning
-Sophie asking to sit on my lap and snuggle
-being the one who can get Owen to sleep if he's struggling
-being the fluent interpreter of my toddler's language
-waking up to a tiny hand whapping me in the eye
-Sophie saying, "Can you make the music louder, please?" unprompted
-watching princess movies for the first time with Sophie
-an "Owen kiss" (a.k.a. a lick on the face)


Bren said...

Being a mom is work and the I am sure I would agree it is magical if I was like the celebrities and had a nanny, a cook and a housekeeper. :) It does get easier and I now can carry just a purse after 7 years of diapers bags.

Steve and I still fall asleep during rentals - we are getting old and the kids will ALWAYS bug you in the bathroom (or your spouse - mostly me bugging Steve).

Loved this one!

Jessica said...

I can relate!

Leah said...

Wow, you Really aren't the only one who strugged to find the magic. I still struggle with both my kids. Because I married into my first kid and my life got better after marriage, I don't have that 'before kids' nostalgia. So I can't relate to that part. But the magic? Can't say that a newborn is the funnest thing, for me anyway. Ivan just started being more fun about 6 months ago! And Christian got more fun every year from 4 to about 9, 9 year old boys can be pretty annoying.