Thursday, March 13, 2008

Latest Fun

We had Lydia, her mom and "Grew" (a.k.a. Drew) over to play today. The girls had fun blowing bubbles into the bathtub and playing dress up.
Owen had fun riding our little toy car yesterday. He could even hold on by himself. He thought it was especially fun when Sophie was helping to give him a ride. Until, while mommy was busy trying to take a picture, he fell off onto his head. Then the fun was over.

Sophie and I had to dash out of her room for a bathroom run, so we left Owen for a moment. When we returned, we found him eating her dress!
Owen has graduated into the crib in Sophie's room. Sophie has been so excited at bedtime that she won't let us close her door when we put her to bed. She stays awake waiting for Owen to be put to bed too.

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Cassie and Gerrit said...

Well I think I could just eat Owen up. And good idea bringing the summer fun (bubbles) inside. Brilliant!