Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Princessy fun

We went to the big mall today to participate in a toddler event that was touted as a "Princess Party" with makeovers and "magical prizes." Sophie had a good-enough time, but I have to say I was disappointed in the event, as I have been with pretty much all other such events this mall has hosted. You would think that such a major location would have major events that are well planned and, well, major fun! There were two ladies putting nail polish and dusting hair sparkles onto the many little girls. Two! There were no prizes, magical or otherwise. And there wasn't even a princess, except for the many tiny ones who came for the big princess party. They did show the movie "Enchanted" on the big screen, the release day of which this party was advertising. Sophie would not allow the makeover ladies to touch her, and she wouldn't wear her paper crown, but she did love the movie! She sat on a carpet mat with other little friends to watch it.

Later, when I could peel Sophie away from the movie, we visited the Lego play area for a while, where Sophie climbed the Lego area more than she played with the Legos. Then we headed to a sit-down lunch, which I picked because kids eat free there today and being served sounded appealing. There were 7 kids/infants and 3 moms, so I don't really know how much eating got accomplished, either by the kids or the moms. The kids porked out on crackers that were on the table while waiting for their food, so by the time the food came, the kids were ready to play. We moms were in full-on crowd control mode most of the time, so we were hardly able to eat an uninterrupted bite and were too exhausted to finish anything ourselves.

All in all, I believe the kids had some fun today, and we moms got to get out of the house. But I think next time we'll leave the kids home with the dads and go to the mall on our own!!

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Brad and Janelle said...

I love the picture of Sophie on her tip-toes!