Monday, March 17, 2008

First Big Bath

Owen took his first bath in the big bathtub this weekend with Sophie. Sophie was dragging her feet about taking her own bath until I suggested Owen get in with her. Then she was all for it! Owen stood on the sidelines with anticipation for a few minutes, and when he finally got to get in, he loved it! Sophie was excited too, and kept making exclamations like, "Look at his cracks!" Owen loved splashing the water with both hands and got pretty into it. At which point, Sophie, not so into it, started yelling, "Make him stop!" while water dripped down her face. We explained Owen was just learning about the water and having fun and that he didn't mind that his face was wet. "Get...him...out!" was her reply.
I got to go away for an overnight scrapbooking event with some church friends Friday night. I didn't actually do scrapbooking (blogging is as close as I get to that!), but a few other non-crafters and I had a good time anyway. While I was away, Greg and the kids were on their own! Greg took the kids to a nearby sporting goods store to hang out on Saturday morning. They invited Lydia and her dad and little brother to go along (you're welcome Laura!). The following pictures show what you do in a sporting goods store with 3-year olds...and dads.

Test out the equipment...and safety gear. Take rides on the escalator (or alligator, if you're Sophie).
And have sword fights with swimming noodles! Evidently the dads even got into the fun by receiving a few good "Dumb & Dumber" whacks to the back of the knees.

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Bren said...

He couldn't just stay home could he? :) Glad they had some fun daddy time and you found a dress!