Monday, March 3, 2008

Owen Gregory

Owen is getting so big! Today he weighed in at 17 pounds. He's loving his vegetables--green beans didn't faze him at all. He's gotten quite good at sitting up on his own in the last few days. I can set him down with a pile of toys and walk away for a few minutes; although I do still find him tipped over onto his back with his feet in the air periodically. Owen's new favorite pasttime is holding onto our fingers to stand up to bounce and wobble. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff. He's chewing anything he can get into his mouth, including a little "tag blanket" that Great Grandma C gave to Sophie when she was Owen's age. He likes to chew the tag ribbons, but sometimes he sucks them in a little to far and gags himself on them. Sophie is still his favorite person (besides his mother!), and he cracks up at her antics frequently. He's started to sleep consistently in his own bed without crying in the night now, making it until 5:30 or later before needing to eat (6:45 one morning! Woohoo!!). Then he goes back down again until about 8. So, we're thinking he'll soon be graduating to sleeping in a crib in Sophie's room. She's been asking when he can sleep with her, so we're hoping that transition, when it becomes a reality, will still be as fun as she thinks! Greg and I are certainly looking forward to it!


Jessica said...

Carey, I visit your blog periodically. I even added it to mine!

Brad and Janelle said...

Oh my gosh... I have been going through withdrawl without any new blog posts!!! Owen really is getting big-- I miss him (and the rest of you) so much!