Wednesday, April 16, 2008

...and Rosie too

We had Sophie's little friend Ella over to play today. The girls enjoyed playing with playdough for a while, which mostly meant mixing all the colors from all the different containers together. I am amazed at the things in life that I have learned to let go. Formerly, I would have only given Sophie one container at a time, make her clean up all the little pieces, and put the lid back on before getting another color out. Now I figure, if they're having fun and not fighting, who cares?! Smash all the colors together! Playdough is cheap! My, how I've grown!

It was a beautiful day today, so we played at the park down the road. Ella brought her little stuffed cat Rosie along to enjoy the fun. Ella liked the swings the best, as did Rosie, though "not high up in the sky." You may see Rosie in some of the pictures below. Sophie was mostly occupied with cleaning the individual pieces of mulch off of the curly slide, one at a time, and making a pile of them. Perhaps she is related to Aunt Janelle??!!

We said goodbye to Ella after a picnic lunch at the little table. As I started to peruse the pile of mail on the table, Sophie said, "Mom, Ella left Rosie!" and held out the little stuffed cat she'd found lying somewhere that no one else had seen it. I quickly called Ella's mom, and she quickly turned the car around to rescue dear Rosie. We were so glad to discover her so soon and to see her restored to Ella before Ella even noticed she was gone!


Jessica said...

It's fun to see Ella in your blog! Believe it or not, Ella has set Rosie aside for a new friend-Tiny! Tiny is a rather large stuffed panda bear.

Aparelho DVD said...
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