Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sophie's favorite color...

is pink...unless it's regarding her eye. Yes, Sophie came home from Grandma and Grandpa's house with her first case of pink eye. Shortly after arriving home after being away for 5 days, Sophie and I headed off to the Minute Clinic to get her checked out and found our suspicions to be grounded in truth. I was a little concerned about how she'd deal with the drops that we have to give her 4 times daily for 7 days, but she's been a trooper! She lays her head right down on my lap and springs right up after the drops are in.

Though we came home to pink eye, lots of dirty kids clothes and water in the basement, we had a great time visiting my parents. We visited a fun kids store where Sophie enjoyed playing with the train and hobby horse. I think Sophie had ice cream every day, which she thought was fabulous! The weather was great, so we played at the park downtown--even Owen got in on the action with his first ride on a playground swing. It's always fun to play with other people's toys, so Sophie and Owen had a great time playing with all the stuff Grandma has collected over the years. This included riding on Grandpa's old rocking horse that his dad made for him when he was little. Sophie got to go to Sunday School with buddies Brenna (pictured below) and Elsa who are family friends. Owen spent most of his waking hours wanting to be walked around the house or standing at the ottoman and coffee table. And I got to do a little shopping, take a nap, visit a new coffee shop in town and even read a book for a while! It was a great time!

On our way out of town it was quite foggy, and Sophie said, "I can't see!" I explained to her that it was fog and that it was like driving through clouds and it made it hard for us to see. "That's bogus!" was her reply from the backseat.

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Cassie and Gerrit said...

You know what's bogus? Pink eye. No fun. I can't believe she said that. That sounds like a Greg word. And I'm pretty sure Owen gets cuter by the minute.