Friday, April 4, 2008

Little Friends

We had our little friend Aaron over to play today. He and Sophie look forward to getting to play together, and then they pick at each other a lot of the time. Aaron is the only kid (that I know of) that Sophie intentionally antagonizes. Not sure why. Perhaps due to Aaron's dramatic reactions (ie. "Sophie, stop spitting at me!!" yelled at the top of his lungs, standing 50 feet away from Sophie). So hilarious!! So, we decided to head to the park, neutral territory, to enjoy the warm sunshine and air. Both kids came home with mud on their clothes, but they had a great time! Owen, as usual, watched the action and then took a nap.


Audrey said...

Wow. Those are some adorable kids you've got there!
What fun!

Kim said...

It's so fun to see familiar faces at familiar places. Those pictures remind me of the fun Sophie and Calvin had together!