Thursday, April 3, 2008


The kids and I headed to the big mall today to see the Doodlebops (characters of a kids show on the Disney channel). They were scheduled to perform during nap time but we decided to go for it anyway. We arrived at the mall early to play and have a "special lunch" before hunkering down in a good spot to see the show.

Sophie played with the Legos,

twirled around a pole,

and greeted "Sharky" the shark.

Though we had a plethora of food choices in the food court, Sophie wanted french fries and chicken nuggets, so we patronized McD's and sat by the railing of the food court so we could watch people on the rides (per Sophie's request). Owen slept while we ate, bless him!

Sophie got princess gloves and a ring in her happy meal, which she continued to wear while she frolicked through the mall.

Both kids waited patiently while we nabbed our spots and waited for the show to start.

The Doodlebops!!

Things got a little interesting when a nearby child who was autistic whacked Sophie in the head out of nowhere. Yikes! She handled it well, and the kid's mom was horrified. We put our stroller in between the kids, and everything was fine after that....Except for when a creepy man appeared next to me, looking like he may have been trying to pick the pockets of the autistic child's mom. Everyone was watching the show intently by that time. He had a coat hanging over the front of his shoulder, stepped in really close to the lady and appeared to be looking down at her coat/pockets. Peeved, I said sternly, "Do you need something?!" Even if he wasn't specifically up to no good, he was still being creepy. He moved back and said he was just trying to see the show. "Mm-hmm," withering stare from me. He moved further away. I buttoned the pocket my cell phone was in.

Both kids were totally wiped out by the time we started to head for home. Owen fell asleep the minute the car started moving, and Sophie was nearly out before we even reached the car. We had a really fun time!


Bren said...

What a fun mommy you are! How do you feel about the Doodlebops? I compare them to Barney when Ashley was a toddler.

cbeigen said...

The Doodlebops are WAY cooler than Barney!!

Wendy said...

Good for you, Carey, for saying something to the "creepy man." I think a lot of people would have just moved away. I think it shows a lot of "hutspah" for you to speak up on behalf of another mom.