Monday, April 21, 2008


The kids and I have been visiting Yellow Grandma and Grandpa's house while Greg has been working on renovating our bathroom. We have been having all kinds of fun and eating all kinds of ice cream while we are here. I've taken all kinds of pictures which I will post when I get home. I just wanted to keep you all updated so that you do not lose hope that I will ever post anything ever again.
Kid updates:
Owen seems as though he will take off walking at any moment. He is loving my parents' ottoman and coffee table, and they are both snot covered as he has a cold.
Sophie has been cutting minuscule pieces of index cards and "vacuuming" them up with the pink vacuum.
I have been sleeping with both kids while we're here, alternating between the rooms of whoever is crying in the night. Last night it was Sophie, who was flopping around a lot and who awoke with a crusty ear. Hmmmm. Suspicious.

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MCK Mama said...

Ahh! So crazy:) Jumped over here from the comment you left on my delurking post. So glad you said hi! (Tried to email you back, but your address wasn't attached to your comment...some people's are...anyway...)

I am STILL laughing so hard that you described yourself as "married to Greg, of Greg and Jamil." You are funny! Ahhh, Greg and Jamil. I remember you, too! You two dated all through college, right? Oh, and Jamil! You will have to email me or something...and tell me what he has been up to...guessing you all are still in touch? I'm sure he hated me after we broke up. I feel so bad. Ugh. Of course, he's over it by now and I'd love to know what he's up to!

Anyway, crazy that you found my blog! Glad you like visiting and happy you commented! Your kids are just dolls...they both look SO much like you AND your husband!

Say....don't you, or didn't you, go to church with my friend Brittney and her husband Dan? I thought I remember knowing you guys were connected that way...

Anyway, small world. Talk again later!