Friday, April 11, 2008

Indoor Fun

We're having dumpy weather here again, so the kids and I headed to a nearby indoor park to have some fun. Aunt Cassie lives near the park, so she came over to join in the fun and to go out to lunch with us. We ran into a few church friends while we were there, and Sophie hooked up with "Kenna" who led her around and helped her to climb up some platforms she struggled with. I'm sure this made Cassie happy, as she had previously needed to kick off her shoes and climb in there to run to Sophie's aid. Greg was busy for the evening, so the kids and I headed back to the park after supper to have even more fun. This time Cassie AND Gerrit came to play, which Sophie thought was great. Uncle Gerrit was a good sport and followed Sophie around through the tunnels and slides, and Cassie even took a turn and gave it a try too. Owen and I didn't do any climbing or sliding, but I'm sure by this time next year he'll be loving this park too!!

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Rainiedavis said...

What a very cool thing about Chipolte. That was nice of them to get the shirts and stuff! Owen looks adorable in his little onesie. We love Mexican food too, but we don't have a Chipolte :(
Love, Aunt Rainie