Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 13

I am dying for treats!  It has actually made me crabby for 2 days.  Oh my word.

I was going to go to Trader Joe's today to see if I could find some reasonable "everything-free" treats, but in the end I decided it might be hard to be surrounded by that much lovely food and temptation.  Instead, I went to Cub Foods to get a few staples.  No temptation there really.  Cub is an ugly place.  An ugly but necessary place.  While there, I did peruse the gluten-free aisle for snacks.  (I ate lunch before I went so I wouldn't be starving!).  I nearly bought some "everything-free" chocolate chunks. But they kind of grossed me out.  And I didn't want to wreck chocolate for myself.  I eyeballed some "everything-free" granola bar type thingies.  But I didn't want to be desperate enough to eat something that looked like flattened and baked poo.

I did happen upon Beanitos while I lingered there. You heard me.

I bought some.  They were on sale.  They're made out of black beans and practically nothing else.  I can definitely eat black beans and practically nothing else.  I brought them home and ate some with hummus, and they were delightful.  Now I need some Beanitos in chocolate flavor and I'll be all set.

I'm down 6 pounds, by the way.  Please remind me of this every 5 minutes so I quit freaking out about not being able to eat anything fun.  (I actually like the food I'm eating, I'm just missing the foods I can't have!!)


Greg said...

You are doing great babe! Hang in there! And if we just need to go to Cub for Beanitos on our upcoming date then so be it. Just please don't make me eat any rice cakes.

Janelle said...

You're doing such a great job!! Hang in there!!!