Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 5

I'm hanging in there!  I had some passable oatmeal for breakfast this morning at 8:00, and I made it to after-church lunchtime at 1:00 without having a meltdown.  Yeah!  That stuff really sticks with you.

We had company over for dinner last night, and I fed them the white chicken chili I was making for myself.  They actually liked it!  So nice to not have to make 2 separate meals for dinner time, especially with company over.

Going to a baptism service for a friend today and I just read they're serving cake afterward.  Oh man. This may be my first bout of temptation.  Cake, coffee, and church.  They go together somehow.  I'll be packing my own dinner for the gathering at the friend's house later at least.  But, oh, the cake.

Still feeling physically good and energetic.  Have a slight headache most afternoons, but nothing that requires ibuprofen.  And I truly haven't been missing any foods or feeling deprived.  It helps that I am always full after meals and getting to eat things that I like that taste good!  Mostly.  Cooked spinach, for instance.  Never. Again.

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