Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 24

Those energy bites have been my salvation.  Feels like a treat, but they are full of things that I can have!  Yeah!

Speaking of treats, I have a few bananas-worth of sliced bananas freezing in my freezer.  I have been told that blending these frozen banana bits in a blender will make them turn into a passable ice cream substitute.  I plan to try mine blended with Sun or Almond Butter and some of my non-forbidden chocolate chips sprinkled on top.  Can't wait!

Yesterday, I bought myself some vanilla-flavored Almond Milk.  This was my act of desperation for trying to have coffee again.  The weather has been dumpy and cold, so I've been especially wanting some coffee in the afternoon.  Decaf of course.  I made some french press decaf coffee the moment I got home from Trader Joe's with the milk yesterday.  It smelled so good!!  As I poured in the Almond Milk, I realized my dream was not to be entirely realized.  Almond Milk in coffee is similar to skim milk in coffee--doesn't make much of an impression.  But it was enough for my desperate self.  The bad news is it's not tasty enough to make me want to drink 4 cups every day.  The good news is, I have now found the means to have a cup of coffee, if I must have one, occasionally.

This morning, I was down 7.5 pounds.  I have finally surpassed the 6 pound barrier I was lingering at for quite some time.  Yeah!

I am nearing the end of my 28 days, and I haven't gone off my diet once by eating any of the restricted foods.  Because of leftovers and meal-planning, I've only actually just made it through 2 of the 4 weeks worth of menus.  So, I plan to continue this diet until I've reached the end of the 4 weeks of recipes.  I figure this can only be good for me.  I may, however, after I reach day 28, allow myself to re-introduce the sensitivity foods to see if I have a reaction.  Otherwise, I plan to (mostly) stick to the program and finish it out.

Tonight, Greg and I are going to Chipotle for a dinner date.  I can avoid dairy and gluten by denying myself the tortillas and sour cream and cheese.  The rest of their items are allergen-free.  They do say some items are cooked in highly-refined soybean oil but that it is not an allergen source.  So, since I'm on day 24 of 28, I'm going to let myself go for it and eat out finally.  Really looking forward to that!

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