Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 3

I've made it to day 3 of my new eating plan, mostly unscathed.  This plan is not for the faint of heart!  But only because of the work involved.  I actually feel full all the time.  I had 2 snacks (allowed) on the first day because I felt like I'd be starved before getting to eat.  Yesterday, I had one snack.  Today, zero so far, and I'm stuffed from my lunch.

The work involves all the meal prep.  No Poptarts here!!  My first two days, I felt like I was cooking or prepping for cooking all day long. Literally.  Now that I've got a few leftovers banked, I'm sailing a little smoother.  And I really like to cook and to try new recipes, so I didn't expect that to feel so hard.

Today was the first day my breakfast was palatable.  First day, I had a gluten-free oatmeal with raspberries. Sounds good, right?  However, no sugar is added, and you're supposed to add protein powder.  My protein powder tastes like sawdust and feels about as good on my teeth.

Yesterday, I had a smoothie for breakfast.  My kids were jealous!  Until I had trouble getting the whole thing down.  Ice to strawberries ratio was way off--too much ice, therefore, little flavor and too much smoothie to drink!  Plus, the protein powder (again!) and flax this time (woohoo!) were too gritty and grody.

Today, I had a mixed berry smoothie, reduced the ice, increased the water and reduced the protein powder and flax.  Hooray!  A smoothie I actually enjoyed!  I'm hoping our cheapo blender makes it through this 28 days with me.

I'm drinking a ton of water, much more than is normal for me, so that added another challenge for a day and half.  I didn't know how I'd ever leave the house!  Today has been better.

I'm feeling good and am still motivated to keep this up.  This plan has caused me to think about how much mindless eating I have done before and would easily do now too if I wasn't recording everything I eat and drink for 28 days.

So far, no cravings that have made me want to buckle...although I did almost lick the mac & cheese spoon (Owen's lunch) when packing up the leftovers.  Yikes!  Habits, habits.  I do love me some mac & cheese.  But what I love more today is feeling good and energetic and healthy!