Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 5.5

Update:  I made it past the church cake, people.  It was tough, but I made it.  Then we went to my friend's house, and they served Davanni's pizza.  Lord help me.  I brought my own salad and white chili, so I was able to eat that and enjoy it totally.  But I had to touch the pizza to serve some to my kids.  Pure torture!!

I have also just realized that I associate Bible study with coffee and snacks.  I'm planning to spend tomorrow morning (Owen's preschool day) working on my lesson.  On his school day, I typically like to sit at a coffee shop or Panera to do it--gets me out of the house and away from other distracting chores.  But, now I can't go to the coffee shop or Panera because I can't eat or drink anything there!!  Oh goodness.

Oh, and I can't have gum either. Or mints.  They have soy in them.  Seriously?!  Is nothing sacred??

See, I'm having a fit, all because of the church cake.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Janelle said...

I'm glad you're blogging about this.. it's fun to read about it. Only fun because I'm not the one actually DOING it! Keep up the good work!!