Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 19

Whoa!  I can't believe I'm on Day 19!  I had to stop and count on my fingers just now.  This week has been hectic, so I haven't been able to check in. 

As far as I know, I'm still holding steady at -6 lbs.  My cravings for treats have subsided for now.  I'm less crabby and freaking out less about food. 

We were away for the weekend...far, far away.  So, I had to pack food to make for others as well as suitable food for myself.  That was an ordeal because I had to bring every single thing I might need along with me.  Salt, oil, pans, etc.  Turned out okay.  I made beef stew (my own "safe" recipe), and everyone liked it!  I ate mine with salad, and the adults in our group ate that too.  I supplemented with non-diet foods to keep the kids happy.  Overall, it worked out okay. 

I made a baked french toast dish for the breakfast I was responsible for.  That was a tough one to sit out on eating, but I made it!  I had some quinoa with cooked apples, cinnamon and pecans, and it was a decent substitute. 

I discovered that some corn tortilla chips are gluten and everything else free, so I let myself have a few with fresh salsa.  That was a fun treat!

I also let myself have some decaf coffee with sugar-free syrup and no milk.  We were out shopping and passed a cute coffee shop.  The first few sips of coffee were delightful...even without the milk.  By the end, though, I was sick of the sugar-free taste.  I don't like artificial sweeteners!  So, that helped me to be okay not drinking coffee again for a while.  Kind of wrecked it for me.

Today, I was responsible for bringing snacks to a party, so I brought some things I knew I could eat.  This is my 3rd or 4th veggie tray and hummus in about 2 weeks.  Goodness!  I also brought fruit and chips and salsa.  It was fun to have a plate of okay choices so I could feel like I was participating in the partying.  Note to self...remember to bring healthy choices and fill up on those at parties in the future.  I did not even lament my inability to imbibe while cutting the Special K bars someone else brought.  Score one for me!

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