Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bear Park

We made our first trip to "Bear Park" for the season. Sophie was a little more interested in rock climbing than she was last year. Great. Greg, not wanting to squelch her interests, let/encouraged/helped her to climb up some fairly tall rocks. Seeing her up there made me a little nauseated as I envisioned her crumpled little body lying in the sand below them. However, though she had an interest in climbing (which I, grudgingly, agree we should not squelch), she had a healthy fear and therefore was very cautious up there. In the very last picture you can see her perched at the top. It looks much more scary than it really was as the ground is not too far below the bottom of the picture. Her feet were at Greg's eye level. I'm just hoping she isn't going to want to be doing this when he's not around!!

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justaneverydaygirl said...

Seriously, do you guys ever just stay home and rest?! You're making the rest of us parents look bad.

PS- I would've squelched the climbing. I'm a huge squelcher. Poor, poor Jared.