Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Owen's New Faves

Owen has been crawling around for a few weeks now and is getting quite adept at it. He's branching out a little, not just following around at my heels and trying to pull up on my pant legs whenever I stand still. He has discovered the joy of the refrigerator! He likes to pull off all the magnets that are within his reach and anything they may have been holding onto the fridge.
Owen also loves the bathroom. Probably because parts of it are taboo. Whenever we are in there for Sophie to go potty, Owen tries desperately to get to the toilet and pull himself up on it. He attempts to climb over, under and around my pesky leg which is always blocking the way. So, this morning, while my attention was focused elsewhere, Owen made a b-line for the toilet. (At least the lid was closed!! I still washed his hands after this!) Then he noticed the toilet paper. Hmmm. Even better. All he managed to do was tear off a tiny chunk. Although, he may have eaten a bit too--still not sure about that--there was a little gagging going on, but no paper to be found.

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Cassie and Gerrit said...

Hmmm, I seem to remember similar pictures of Sophie discovering toilet paper when she was this size!