Friday, May 30, 2008

Cow Sandwiches

As a way to pass the time on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house, we look for animals at the farms we pass as we drive. This past weekend, Greg felt that Sophie was ready for "The Talk." The "Where does hamburger come from?" talk.

Out the window, we saw black and white cows..."Those cows give us milk," Greg explained. Then we saw brown cows..."Those cows give us hamburgers." "No!" Sophie said. "Yep!" Greg continued, "I'm going to have a cow sandwich at Donald's." "No!" Sophie protested, "We don't eat cow sandwiches. Yuck!"

They went back and forth on that issue for a while, and I don't believe Sophie ever accepted that hamburgers come from cows. However, it finally came down to this fight...Greg: "You're a nut!" Sophie: "No, You're a nut!" This went on for a few rounds. Then finally, Greg: "You're a nut".....slight pause.....Sophie: "You're an acorn!" Sophie won!!

As Sophie and I were reading books before naptime today, we came across a page with farm animals on it. She pointed to the black and white cow and said,"What kind is that one?" She answered her own question, "It gives us milk." "Very good!" I praised her. "It comes from the udders," she continued. HUH??? "It comes from the udders," she repeated, as she pointed to them. Yes, yes, Sophie, that is correct.
Another vocabulary moment occurred yesterday (not related to cows). As we were playing and teasing, Sophie said to me, "Mom, you're old fashioned." WHAT??!! She giggled and said it again, "You're old fashioned!" I asked her if she knew what that meant, and she just laughed at me. I've been trying to buy some new clothes, I just got my hair done, and though my birthday is coming up, I'm not THAT old. I felt a little better later though, when we were playing with Owen and Sophie said, "Owen, you're old fashioned."
Who has she been talking to???

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Wendy said...

Funny how they come up with some of this stuff. Katie will say something totally off the wall every now and again too. Where do they hear this stuff? And "udders"... how on Earth did she remember something like that.

Too funny.

Love the blog, Carey. It always gives me a little smile when I really need one.