Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Owen's Newest Trick

I laid Owen down to sleep after his early-morning bottle today because he was about to go out on my lap. I covered him with his blanket and then led Sophie out of the room (she'd just woken up). After a few short minutes of quiet, Sophie and I started hearing Owen talking in his bed. I gave him a little while, thinking maybe he'd still go to sleep. A few minutes later, Owen's noises were only getting louder, so I figured we might as well get him up. Sophie got in the room ahead of me and yelled back, "Hey, Mom! Look at Owen!" This is what I found...

I guess he wasn't on his way to sleep after all. And evidently he can stand up in his bed now.

Today was Owen's second time in the nursery at church. After checking him in and dropping him off, I went around to peek in the back window of the nursery. Owen was already half-way up the body of a much bigger standing baby, pulling himself up by the other kid's overalls! Which reminds me that he was doing the same to Sophie this morning as she washed her hands in the bathroom. Except his crawling up her caused her pajama pants to fall down, and Owen along with them.


justaneverydaygirl said...

So cute! He looks quite proud of himself.. :)

Cassie and Gerrit said...

Babies don't get any cuter than this.