Thursday, May 1, 2008

Library Storytime

The kids and I try to frequent our local library's storytime each week. We've been doing it most of the winter; however, Sophie still will not go and sit on the carpet with the other kids. Up front. Where she could actually see. She refuses to stand up and do actions to any of the songs the lovely teacher sings, but she does pay complete attention to the stories that are read. It could be worse, I suppose. She could be the annoying kid who constantly interrupts and tears stuff off of the white board. That'll probably be Owen someday soon. He was already yelling out, "Da-da-da!" and crawling around on the floor. I'm sure that if he ever finds the white board he'll be ripping the letters down and eating them.

One of the activities Sophie will participate in is getting a stamp on her hand at the end of storytime. She'll even go alone now. Personally, I find this part of storytime much scarier than just sitting to listen to the story! Those pre-school kids have a bit of "survival of the fittest" going on in that stamp "line." Sophie has gotten better at not just letting people go ahead of her and ending up being the last one to get a stamp.

Showing the stamp she got
Our library is in our community center, so they also open the gym up to us when storytime is over. Sophie loves this time to run around and play with balls. She likes to run back and forth across the gym, over and over. In the picture below she is stopping mid-gym to yell at me, "Count, mommy!" I'm supposed to count how long it takes her to go across and back.

This week there was a new plaything--a miniature basketball hoop. Not quite miniature enough for Sophie, though. I had to help her get the ball in the basket.

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