Friday, May 16, 2008

Play Date

We went over to play at the K's house yesterday. Sophie loved hanging out with her buddy Ella and her big sister McKenna. Owen loved checking out somebody else's stuff.

Owen did not, however, love the grass.

Or his hat. This hat fit him in January, but now the straps will not meet under his rather ample cheeks. When he remembers that the hat is there, he tries to pull it off.

The girls put on a pet show...circus...something like that.

Teacher Jessica (she's Ella's mom but also Sophie's teacher at Bible study on Tuesdays) led us all in singing some songs. This was "Hey Elephant!"

We also did an art project. In the big jug is a piece of paper, some squirts of paint and a few golf balls. The idea is to roll the jug around to paint a picture. This is a great, mess-free project! The only drawback is having to eat a jug-full of cheese balls in order to do it!!

Owen even did one!


Wendy said...

Please explain to me the "downside" of having to eat an entire jug of cheesy poofs???

Jessica said...

Thanks for coming. You are quick...maybe I will send people to your blog and skip posting the event on mine! =)

When my hubby has completed all of his homework, I will have the opportunity to post. He is on the computer quite a bit!

I LOVE Wendy's comment about the downside of eating cheesy poofs!

Brad and Janelle said...

I agree with Wendy.. who calls that a "problem"?!