Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

About a week ago, I was away for the evening and the kids were in bed before I got home. The next morning, I went in to get Sophie up in my usual fashion..."Good morning!"...kiss..."Did you have a good sleep?"...open the curtains. The first comment out of Sophie's mouth was, "I made you a card!" "Oh, really?" I said with a chuckle, "I don't think you're supposed to tell me yet." Sophie, obviously ignoring me said, "Daddy helped me. It has glue and glitter on it. Can you have it now?"

I couldn't have it then (I didn't know where they were hiding it!), but I did get it for Mother's Day.

Inside were flaps to open, and under each one was a giftcard to a place that fit the description on the flap. I get to go out for dinner, to a movie, have an hour massage and get a treat with my friend Laura (her picture was under the "friend" flap). So fun! I can't wait to have my big day out!!

Sophie explained her drawing to me. It's a monster with a crown and hair and ears. Quite the artist, huh? I'm impressed that you can actually see what she's talking about!


justaneverydaygirl said...

YAY!! for new blog day!!!! The pictures are all adorable, especially the ones of you and Sophie. And who knew your husband was so creative? The card is so cute! I've never gotten a card with flaps... I'm very jealous. Happy (late) Mother's Day.. :)

Cassie and Gerrit said...

What fun! If you need a babysitter, let us know! We love it!

Jessica said...

Nicely done, Greg!! (And Sophie too!)