Monday, May 5, 2008

Horse Show

My cousin Christa was in town this weekend for a horse show, so we stopped by the fairgrounds to show Sophie the horses up close and to see the horses run around the ring. Sophie requested to wear her new, never worn, mostly-white princess tennis shoes to the horse show. I explained that the barn where the horses were would be stinky and dirty and may have poop on the floor, so she agreed to wear her old ones instead. But, she did keep talking about and singing "dirty, stinky, poopy" for most of the ride to the fairgrounds!

Sophie was so excited about all the horses she got to see. She even got to go right in the stall with Christa's horse, Glitter, and even pet her. Sophie looked a little nervous--she's never been that close to a horse before--but she did great. She enjoyed watching the people ride the horses around the ring, and we enjoyed catching up with Christa for a while.

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Rainiedavis said...

What fun to see a picture of Sophie with the Glitter girl. Thanks for keeping in touch by blogging. Happy Mothers Day. Love, Aunt Rainie