Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Storytime Ever!

Today, as we walked into our library's storytime, Sophie announced, "I'm going to wear my nametag, Mom!" This is amazing because she has refused to wear one all year, and she wore one last week for the first time only because I suggested it...again.

This week's theme was "Firefighters" and our local firefighters were there to show the kids their cool firefighting gear and big, red trucks. Sophie and her buddy Lydia looked longingly at the other kids trying on the firefighter's helmet and jacket, but neither of them had the gumption to ask (heaven forbid!) or even agree to (when it was offered to them) try the gear on themselves. They did, however, check out the firetrucks parked outside. Sophie got to "drive" one--so cool! And, she and Owen and I got to take a ride in the other one. Wow! Sophie was grinning ear to ear for the whole ride around the block, and she was especially excited when the driver turned the siren on.

That was the best storytime ever!

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Eigen Srs said...

Hello, Carey,
We've certainly been appreciating your blog edntries and the sharing of your lives with us. You do such a great job of providing enrichment opportunities for our grandchildren!