Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend: Part 2

On the day Aubrey was quarantined, we headed out of the house to keep away from her germs and we ended up at the zoo! Immediately upon entering, we were greeted by free-roaming pigs and goats in all shapes, sizes and colors. I was just starting to read aloud the sign behind Greg when this happened....what a friendly little goat...

Oops! Should have read all the signage before interacting with the zoo inhabitants!!

Jozie was strapped into her stroller where we neglected to pay attention to her for the two seconds her mother left her in our care when we heard her screeching and turned to see a big goat right in her face. Greg rescued her, but after that, Jozie and Sophie weren't too fond of the goats. Owen didn't seem to mind them though.

Sophie and Jozie and I got into the rabbit cage with the dwarf rabbits and got to pet and hold them. Sophie was very brave and requested to hold this rabbit. She thought that was very cool until it started to squirm and it's claws touched her hand. Then she was done with that.

We got to pet a chinchilla, a ferret, a hedgehog and huge rabbit--bigger than Owen! We also saw a skunk and a porcupine up close. Sophie and Greg got to pet a deer--notice the antlers.

We had a picnic lunch and then we ventured back inside to see the last few animals we hadn't seen yet.

This was when Sophie was finally ready to confront the goats and feed them herself. These ones were behind a fence and she very bravely held onto her crackers and wouldn't just let the goats take the whole thing at once. They were loving her!
Then she wanted to go back and feed the loose goats, especially the babies, so we did that on our way out. However, those goats had had their fill at the beginning of the day and couldn't even be forced to eat Sophie's crackers, though she tried.

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