Friday, May 2, 2008

Owen's big fun

Owen enjoyed the indoor park we visited last night. He was moving a lot slower than Greg and Sophie were, so I was able to get some pictures of his fun time. This was his first experience with playing on his own at a park. Our outdoor park has lots of tasty mulch to play on, so Owen hasn't been let down to crawl on it yet. This park was very quiet last evening, so we didn't have to risk Owen being mauled or trampled in order to let him explore a bit. He liked the little boat--just the right height to hold onto by himself. And he was fascinated with the "water" the boat was "floating" in. It was obviously a hard surface, but Owen could see through it. He kept trying to pick out the little rocks and bugs and other little critters below the surface.

The floor of the park was soft and rubbery, so Owen crawled around a bit. He's getting quite good at crawling. Now he just needs to work on his endurance.

I set Owen down by a tunnel to see what he'd do, and he decided to go for it! He thought he was pretty big stuff. He made it all the way through that slippery tunnel all by himself...with no rests on the way.

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Jessica said...

LR is fun! You should have told me, we couls have joined you. (Or, maybe that is precisely why you DIDN'T tell me!)

I have a schedule of the events at the Bandshell there. They often have kid programming.