Monday, May 5, 2008

School Carnival

We attended our neighborhood school's carnival on Friday night with our friends the W's. This school could potentially be the one Sophie would attend someday, so while we went for the games and the cafeteria food, I also wanted to spy a little on what the school is like. We got to eat nachos, pizza and hotdogs in the cafeteria. Then we made our way around the building, playing the games the girls were interested in. They did the fish pond, the duck pond, golf, mouse toss (Sophie got one in!), book walk, face painting, and others I'm likely forgetting. Sophie, much to our surprise, was willing to get her face painted! When it was her turn, she sat very still, hardly breathing. Very cute! Much of her rainbow was on her shirt by the end of the night. We ended the evening with mini-donuts (the moms' request) and cashing in the tickets the girls had won. Sophie picked out a sucker and 2 princess lipglosses--one for her and one for Lydia. And Owen took a little rest.


Bren said...

Don't you ever just stay home and lounge like the rest of us? Was that Richardson? When are we going to a movie?

Jessica said...

I LOVE spying in on schools!