Friday, May 16, 2008

Picnic in the Park

The kids and I tried out a different park today and stayed for a picnic on a blanket in the shade. It was the first day we have all worn shorts, and full-body sunscreen for that matter. The kids are both sporting new summer clothes (I love new summer clothes!). I also was sporting new shorts, but you'll not be seeing any pictures of those. As my mother says (and perhaps my Grandma Snookie before her), "Tan fat looks better than pale fat." This was the first time my legs have seen the light of day since last year, so they have a ways to go before being picture-ready!

Owen was not amused that we were eating without him. He kept trying to get Sophie's food. Too bad he didn't remember that he still gags on half pieces of cereal. A turkey sandwich was a little out of his league. I did let him lick a piece of cookie and suck on a few little crumbs by the end though.

Owen's new duds.

Aren't his new "shorts" cute?

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Rainiedavis said...

The picnic looks like sooo much fun. And I love it that you mentioned Grandma Snookie. Yes, shorts are sort of out of the quesitons for us people who live in the cold parts of the world. Owen's little shorts are so cute. Love, Aunt Rainie